Commissioned by the Intelligence Corps.

A Military Intelligence operator, attached to an infantry patrol, gathers information from a local elder prior to a shura. 

Although the painting could illustrate one of many MI capabilities that deployed on the ground, it is designed to show the typical activities of a CompanOperational Intelligence Support Team (COIST) operator. It combines a foot patrol and shura by showing locals gathering for a meeting while in the foreground a village elder volunteers information to an MI operator through a local interpreter. The MI operator is clearly identifiable as such by the 1 MI Brigade flash he has fixed to the back of his notepad.

The painting was commissioned by the Corps to mark the granting of the Freedom of Entry by Marlborough to 4 MI Battalion on the 23rd June 2011.


Limited Edition Of 350 Lithographic Art Prints

Artist signed £92 (approx USD $120)
Overall print size 68.5 x 49 cm / 27 x 19¼”
Image size 58.5 x 37 cm / 23 x 14½”


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