Remembering Major Duncan MacMillan

Major Duncan MacMillan MM sadly passed away last year aged 94, the last known survivor of the epic battle to take Longstop Hill (Tunisia)
during the North Africa campaign of WWII.  He fought alongside Major Jack Anderson who won the VC during the action,
one of 16 Victoria Crosses awarded to the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.


Major MacMillan greatly assisted with the research for the painting ‘Longstop Hill 1943’ and unveiled the finished work at
Stirling Castle on the 70th Anniversary of the battle.

‘Before the formalities of the evening I sat talking with Major MacMillan. At one point he looked at his watch then reflected quietly
“We’d just be making the top of the hill now.” This somehow seemed to bring the whole thing to life with real poignancy. ’
– Stuart Brown